Podcast EP2: David Bartholomeusz – How To Create A $3,000,000 A Year User Community Driven Business In 12 Months Using A 3 Phase Process

David Bartholomeusz of Griffin Alliance

David Bartholomeusz has grown 3 bricks & mortar businesses in the hospitality industry with zero bank or investor finance. He has failed to take a business from small to medium 3 times and counting, and has managed to make a good living in the process. He is the Entrepreneurs Organization’s Global Director of Virtual Learning and a graduate of MIT’s Entrepreneurial Masters “Birthing of Giants” Program. David is fascinated by bricks and mortar business user communities as well as on line user and experience communities: how they form, divide and dissolve. He has received a Bachelor of Science specialising in evolutionary biology and a Bachelor of Laws. Business Influences include: Roberto Cardone (Cibo Group), George Naddaff (Boston Chicken), John Ibrahim, Darth Bane, anyone who is awkwardly suspicious of the things that Seth Godin writes. Business Approach: Conservative, Organic.

One of Davids companies, Griffin Alliance, did the outsourced marketing for a hospitality venue called the Dog and Duck. Originally, this was the Royal Admiral Hotel which was boarded up for several years. David and his team worked with the owners in 2006 before it was rebuilt. An impressive renovation was completed and Griffin Alliance did some basic metric observation for the first 12 months without deploying any products. After gathering the data they needed, it took another 12 months to build venues attendance  to capacity on Friday and Saturday nights which at that point Griffin Alliance was taking in revenue of $60,000 over the both nights.

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn how to create a $3,000,000 a year user community driven business in 12 months. We discuss how to:

  • Balance market power, reduce service dysfunction and fragmentation in the entertainment and hospitality industry;
  • Get big by starting small and going under the radar;
  • Create value by being different from the incumbent system;
  • Utilize military strategy, command and control structures and evolutionary biology for creating communities;
  • Find clients, create relationships and win deals based on previous successes and reputation;
  • Pre-launch, including psychologically optimal room size and orientation, foot traffic flow and look and feel;
  • Move to Phase 1 using Seral Progression and facilitating an organic approach to market research;
  • Focus resources on the areas that are winning and identify non obvious metrics;
  • Find the natural market and native users and use Climax Community and Mono-culture theory;
  • Go against common wisdom, discover the influence of room set and hack lighting and audio;
  • Pursue points of difference to create a niche;
  • Move to Phase 2 using egress, thresholds, loyalty, metrics, tools and abandoning advertising;
  • Move to Phase 3 using ingress, the self-perpetuating cycle, ambassadors and Occam’s Razor;
  • Keep the conversation going through social media and appeal to different personality types;
  • Successfully transfer an established user generated community;
  • Abandon disruption thinking and explore sustainable business models with short user generation cycles;
  • And much, much more…

Links From The Episode

davidbartholomeusz at gmail dot com
Seral Progression
Climax Community
Stable State
Occams Razor

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