Podcast EP3: David Truong – How To Build And Market A #1 Featured iTunes Mobile App And Get 1,000,000+ Downloads And 10,000,000+ Plays In 2.5 Years

David Truong of Redu.us

David Truong is the Founder and CEO of educational games company Redu.us (Previously Broccol-e-games and Bitzerland.) Redu.us creates educational games on iOS devices and had more than 1 million downloads, with games being played more than 10+ million times around the world. Title include Newton, Sinkers, Maths with Springbird and Educating Eddie. David is the Co-Founder of Creative Coffee International which is a network of monthly events designed to connect & inspire creatives and an organiser and facilitator for Startup Weekend. Previously he was head of business development at App.io. In a previous life David tutored kids maths and physics, founded a vocational training company, and worked with schools and teachers to integrate new technologies. David loves learning and helping others to learn.

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn how to build and market a #1 featured iTunes mobile app and get 1,000,000+ downloads and 10,000,000+ plays in 2.5 years. We discuss how to:

  • Identify 
audiences and create compelling apps; 
  • Produce great looking user interfaces and a logical user experience in app design and creation;
  • Balance the quality of an app both in terms of production, game play, market research, making a game people want and distribution and marketing;
  • Launch an app and what makes a launch successful and how to bring that learning into subsequent launches;
  • Hack app store distribution, get featured and what works and what doesn’t;
  • Monitor the correct vital metrics during the launch;
  • Focus your resources on the areas that are winning and those that are not;
  • Get your apps featured on niche and major blogs and websites;
  • Utilize your networks for distribution
  • Capitalize on an  apps s
  • Determine what to do differently next time based on takeaways and lessons learned;
  • Think about a step-by-step process for app creation and distribution for new ideas;
  • Decide when you should try to create and distribute a popular app and when you shouldn’t;
  • Get started with immediate next actions for create and distribute a popular app;
  • And much, much more…

Links From The Episode

david at relaunch dot io

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