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Recruited Graduate Case Study – Suriyna Sivashanker

Suriyna Sivashanker studied a three year Bachelor of Media at the University of Adelaide.  Originally she studied a combined degree of Bachelor of Media and a Bachelor of Arts, but after some introspection she decided to drop the Arts degree to specialize in media.

Originally she chose the Bachelor of to learn the art of script writing, but that no longer had the flair compared to her interest in CGI visual effects used in Televisions and Film. Her love of media came from her love for Televisions serials.

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Recruited Graduate Case Study – Jon Allen

Jon Allen studied a Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) at Adelaide University graduating in 2012. Upon graduation, Jon did what most graduates do ­ he sent out hundreds ofout resumes to potential employers.  Due to the lack of responses, he then started to send out resumes with cover letters.  Admittedly he said “I was pretty lucky to learn early on that just doing that doesn’t get results.”  His next move was to cold call employers he wanted to work at and asked for entry level positions. “I got a lot of rejections – a LOT,” says Jon.

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Recruited Graduate Case Study – Aainaa Rahman

Aainaa Rahman studied a Bachelor of Psychological Science, graduating from University of South Australia in 2011.  Upon graduation, Aainaa did what most graduates do – send out hundreds of resumes to potential employers.  She was dejected, depressed and house bound for several months through this process.  She was at low point, partially because nothing was working and because she is naturally hard worker and likes working. She knew she needed to get out of the house and get a graduate job.

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