Podcast EP5: Miriam Castilla – How To Write And Launch An International Best Selling Book By Pre-Selling 5,000 Copies in 4 Months

Miriam Castilla from Today’s Woman Events

Miriam Castilla is a Bestselling Author, Effectologist & Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer. She is also an Entrepreneur, Mentor & Keynote Speaker. Miriam started her working life on the corporate fast track in Petroleum Engineering and Corporate Development. Some years later, as a newly single mum she dived into the more exciting – although sometimes frightening – waters of small business and entrepreneurship. Miriam has since built an award winning business, featured in national & international publications and written & published her bestselling book, “Today’s Woman – Life Balance Secrets”. She believes women get too caught up in pleasing other people and deserve to live a life of passion and purpose. In 2012, she founded Today’s Woman Events with a focus on rescuing visionary women from a sea of overwhelm, helping them regain clarity, focus & momentum.

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn How To Write And Launch A International Best Selling Book By Pre-Selling 5000 Copies in 4 Months. We discuss how to:

  • Write a book that gets you kudos, credibility and positions you as an expert;
  • Use a book proposal to get clear on what you want to write about, discover your angle and message;
  • Identify a market and identify a target audience for your book and get feedback on your book idea;
  • Design a compelling information product for that audience;
  • Discover your writing voice and get comfortable writing;
  • Find and approach a publisher, get a favorable contract and retain your creative control but still get in bookstores via a distributor;
  • Gain feedback and refine your book idea before it goes to publication;
  • Go from blog to book based on all of your learning;
  • Use a “pre-sales” process to make your book an international best seller before publication without physical book or mock up;
  • Compile a marketing proposal with value adds and contact marketing partners;
  • Choose key metrics to monitor your progress when you have no financial resources;
  • Write your book in 6 weeks and make writing routine;
  • Monetize the back-end of your book and create up-sells and multiple streams of income;
  • Create an audio version of your book;
  • Use book publishing as positive personal growth experience;
  • And much, much more.

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