Case Study How To Expand Your Evergreen Publicity Content

Publicity Case Study – Expanded Content

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There is a reason it is called news…

Because it reports on things that are new.

Things that are new, by default are interesting as they haven’t been seen before.

But when you want to pitch multiple outlets, they need something different.

Otherwise it is no longer new.

That’s the hard part.

You need to expand that original content.

Let’s explore an example of this…

In this case study, I’ll show you how I was able to get a client on the front page of an top 100 Australian online business outlet and make it one if most popular article for the journalist that week.

The client had finished delivering one of its programs and their objectives were to increase brand awareness for their next program, inserting case studies into the public narrative and leverage third party credibility provided by media to objectively position them as an industry authority.

However, the program had been covered multiple times previously over the previous 2.5 years.

Based on this, I made the assumption that the client probably would not be covered again on face value due to previous coverage.

I looked internally at the type of new and interesting things the client was doing that would match with relevant target outlets.

The client had psychometric data on participants of their program.

I decided that this would the story hook and the participant results borne from the end of the program would be the context to the story – who wouldn’t like to know if they psychometric test is correlated to business success?

I contacted the top 100 outlet and a smaller, yet more niche online business outlet telling them I had a story they would find interesting.

I had previous contact with both outlets and had provided them with solid stories in the past.

Both outlets were interested, so I wrote a press release and created some “expanded content” which included potential photo opportunities both would want – a graph of the data for the top 100 outlet and an interview for a longer form more nuanced piece for the more niche online business outlet.

I also added details of the program, not as the main angle, in hope they would be included.

As predicted, both outlets published articles with the initial and “expanded content” I provided.

My assumption that the details of the program would not be published on their own due to not being new was correct.

I know this because neither outlets mentioned the program details (which is completely understandable given it had been covered multiple times previously.)

However, the details of the program were published due to the interesting insights into business success it offered – that being psychometric data.

Anyone reading these publications could attribute that data to the quality of the program, which ticks many of the original objectives for the client, regardless of the program details being omitted from the story.

The article was one of the most shared articles that week for the author who wrote for the top 100 outlet.

It also built goodwill for me as being a trust worthy source who can provide newsworthy stories in the future.

The lesson here is that if more than one outlet wants the same story, it is vital that you create “expanded content” that have the same core story elements but are customised to their outlet or audience.

So there you have it.

An example of how to expand your publicity content.

The specifics are not important, so much as the principles behind them.

No need to copy it exactly, just see if you can use it as inspiration for something unique to your brand.

Media need news.

What are you doing, or will do that is new?

Start there.

Do new and interesting things and coverage will follow.

But make sure you expand the content so multiple outlets will be interested.

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