Case Study How To Cross From Paid Media To Earned Media Using Publicity

Publicity Case Study – How To Cross From Paid Media To Earned Media Using Publicity

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This is a short, but important lesson…

Most marketers make ads to tick some specific boxes:

  1. Generating direct response; or
  2. Spreading brand awareness.

But how many create ads with the sole purpose of crossing from paid to earned media?

In other words, creating and paying for ads that are so interesting, unique and shareable that they actually becomes newsworthy and then news.

Not many.

Check this out:

As a speculator, I’m not sure if MAC intended on crossing from paid to earned media, but the fact is IT DID.

So the question for you is: how can you make an ad that so interesting that it crosses from paid media to earned media? And there is a formulaic approach for doing.

This news piece shows it’s very possible!

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This may be the momentum you need to get great marketing and sales results.

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