Case Study How To Leverage Current News Stories For Your Brand

Publicity Case Study – How To Hijack News: 21 October 2015… Back To The Future!

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This is like shooting fish in a barrel…

This week, a client in the technology advancement space received the following from me:

Publicity Opportunity:

Back To The Future – 21 October 2015 marks the day Marty arrives in the future and rides the infamous hover board.

Publicity Angle:

We now have various hover boards on the market or in development…

  1. How has technology advanced between 1985-2015;
  2. How can we predict what technology will be in the future; and
  3. What are you doing in the space to make that reality or how can you offer an opinion on the future of technology?


This is a perfect match for their brand and message, and has a very, very high likelihood of publication within their target media outlets!

Unless you are consistently doing new things, organic publicity opportunities for your brand dry up quickly.

However the 24-7 nature of news means news trends give you a consistent way to pitch and show up in outlets week-in-week-out.

How can you attach or relate your brand’s message to a current trend and create a specific news angle like the Back To The Future example?

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