Case Study How To Make Initial Contact With Media Outlets

Publicity Case Study – Initial Contact

Approximate read time: 3 minutes

You have found it…

One of the most daunting tasks in publicity is pitching outlets.

But what if you could contact an outlet first without having to pitch.

“Testing the waters.”

Things would be easier, right?

Let’s explore an example of this…

In this case study, I’ll show you how I initially contacted a journalist to start a professional relationship with them that lead to dozens of published articles for clients in their outlet.

This particular outlet was highly relevant to various clients because it had relevant readers and was influential within that cohort.

By personally consuming the outlet prior to contact, I noticed that this particular journalist was publishing similar stories to ones I would be pitching.

I found their email address online and I sent them a short, low pressure email asking if they were open to be pitched.

They responded enthusiastically saying that pitches were more than welcome.

From there, I sent them another short email on my background and how I could help them in the future with stories.

I finished this email off by asking what types of stories they were personally interested in.

They clarified that news stories rather than particular themes were best to pitch.

A while later when I pitched them about a client it was highly relevant and their article was published.

This one simple email introduction lead to more than 18+ months of publicity coverage on a variety of topics for various clients.

The lesson here is that you do not always need a referral to or prior contact with a journalist.

Initially contacting a journalist cold doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating and can be beneficial for both of you.

It’s really as simple as that.

The specifics are not important, so much as the principles behind them.

No need to copy it exactly, just see if you can use it as inspiration for something unique to your brand.

This is not black magic, nor is it rocket science or brain surgery.

Journalist are humans too.

They are not scary.

Start making contact with outlets today.

They want to hear from you.

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