Publicity Case Study – Media Requests

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Selling a need is easy….

Selling a luxury is not.

Media outlets are looking for stories:

A commercial plane will take off regardless if the seats are full or not.

But, a media outlet needs to fill its capacity.


Not only are media outlets looking for stories, they are looking for sources for those stories.

As a brand you need to position yourself to best find and respond to outlets looking for sources.

Let’s explore an example…

In this case study, I’ll show you how I was able to get a client featured in the sealed lift out of a well-respected Australian female orientate print magazine.

The client sold adult products on a monthly subscription basis.

Due to the adult nature of the business; their advertising options were limited by large advertising platforms terms of use.

So they needed to look at alternative ways of generating exposure and publicity was a perfect fit for them.

I responded to a journalist who wrote for this print magazine and they were looking for sources on an article they were writing on “how to spice up your love life.‏”

I responded letting them know how the clients product was a perfect match to the proposed article and I gave them a quick description of the problem the product solved, the product the benefits, the product price and a link to the website.

The journalist responded saying that it was a perfect fit, because it solved the problem in a new and unique way – this company was the first of its kind in Australia delivering adult products on a monthly subscription basis.

We corresponded back and forth via email, where I provided additional information about the product and its genesis, including product photo, ready for a quick publication.

The article was not only published, but published in the “sealed” lift out of this print magazine.

Very prestigious for them.

The article gave the client instant credibility within their target audience – Australian women in long term relationships and generated many paying customers.

The lesson here is if you have something that is highly relevant to a journalists request, it is easy to be published and get coverage in really well read outlets.

So there you have it.

An example of how to respond to outlet requests for sources.

The specifics are not important, so much as the principles behind them.

No need to copy it exactly, just see if you can use it as inspiration for something unique to your brand.

Start looking for and responding to outlet requests.

You have no excuse.

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