Have You Heard Of “Bro Science”?

Bro science is fitness knowledge passed off as fact with little or no real world first-person experience to substantiate conclusions.

Bro science, spread by “bro’s” in the gym.

I have a confession to make…

…I used to believe in it.

Here is some typical “bro science”:

  1. Consume a meal every 3 hours on the clock;
  2. Consume a meal before you work out;
  3. Consume a meal within an hour of your workout;
  4. Consume 6 meals a day;
  5. Consume a protein shake after workouts;
  6. Consume a “clean” diet of chicken and broccoli;
  7. Consume a calories surplus; and
  8. Work out 6 days a week.

Etc. Etc. Ad nausea.

And in my experience it was a bit of nonsense (I’m not a doctor or personal trainer or qualified in anyway and what follows is only my experience – nothing more.)

On New Year’s Eve I decided to ignore common fitness “wisdom” and do the following every day:

  1. Consume all my calories in a 5-8 hour window;
  2. Consume no food before working out;
  3. Consume meals when I’m hungry;
  4. Consume only 2 meals a day;
  5. Consume no liquid meals;
  6. Consume a moderate amount of junk food;
  7. Consume a calorie deficit; and
  8. Work out 2 days a week.

I.e. the opposite of “bro science.”

And based on that here is what happened to my measurements:

  • Body Mass: down 9kg;
    Waist: down 4”;
    Bench Press: up 15kg;
    Push Press: up 20kg;
    Weighted Pullup: up 22.25kg; and
    Deadlift: up 27.5kg.

My measurements were going in the right directions…

Body mass and waist went down and all my lifts went up.

Ice hockey is back and I feel like a warrior – faster & stronger than ever.

So what was the lesson for me out of this?

Just because I assume something is true, doesn’t actually make it true.

Test assumptions, not just in fitness but everything in life…

As Venture Capitalist Marc Andreessen said “strong opinions, loosely held.”

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