The Things You Own End Up Owning You

The Things You Own End Up Owning You

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Getting buy-in is super important.

Choice is picking between possibilities.

As in chocolate or vanilla

A decision is resolution based on reasoning.

As in I won’t touch the hot stove because I was burnt in the past.

And ownership is the something that belongs to a person.

So, if you choose to buy a car (the car doesn’t magically pay for itself and end up in your drive way,) this means the car doesn’t choose you.

You chose it, therefore the car belongs to you and you own it.

Then by the same logic…

If a stray cat chooses cohabit with you (the cat keeps turning up at your house each day), this means you don’t choose the cat.

The cat chose you, therefore you belong to the cat and the cat owns you.


You cannot take what has not been handed over.

The only power you have is to put yourself, who you are and what you want out to the world and see who responds to that in kind.

Then find the ones from that group you also like.

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