Steal My Content

Are you looking for high quality, evergreen marketing & sales content for free?

We all know that non-duplicate content is really valuable for your brand.

But it also takes a lot time and labour to create.

So, let me do the content creation for you.

Here is what you will get from me on a regular and on-going basis…

A Content Pack on a particular marketing & sales topic to post on your blog or social media accounts, which includes the following content elements:

  1. Process map;
  2. Mind map;
  3. Infographic;
  4. Audio version;
  5. Video version; and
  6. Slide version.

As well as:

  1. Pre-written social promotion text & link;
  2. Copy & paste HTML source code for each content element (or all-in-one); and
  3. Accompanying blog post text suggestions & link.

How is this non-duplicate, high quality, evergreen marketing & sales content?

Well, Google’s SEO duplicate content rules do not apply to any of these modalities.

See Matt Cutts (the head of Google’s webspam team) explain why that is the case:

Google’s SEO duplicate content rules only apply to duplicate text not:

  1. Process maps of text version;
  2. Mind maps of text version;
  3. Infographics of text version;
  4. Audio of text version;
  5. Video of text version; and
  6. Slides of text version.

This means both you and I get mutiple, non-duplicate content of the same articular marketing & sales topic by me creating and posting the text version on my blog, once.

In other words, you are getting non-duplicate, high quality, evergreen marketing & sales content that is the same as the long-form text version I have published, without having your SEO penalized for it by search engines…

…Now, you have two posting options with the Content Pack I provide:

      1. Post a link to the text version on my website, on your social media accounts (small time investment); and/or
      2. Embed any of the six versions of the content with a link to my website, elaborate on the text suggestions and post it: 50 words for each dot points will give you a non-duplicate 500 word blog post, in addition to the other content elements listed (medium time investment).

To take advantage of this offer, you must:

      1. Provide a DoFollow link back to;
      2. Attribute the content used in the Content Pack to me; and
      3. All me to host all content in the Content Pack on my server.

Don’t worry these are all already installed in the HTML source code of the Content Pack.

Again, you don’t need to lift a finger!

To get started, register here: