Top Tips For Successful Product Launches

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Okay, so I know what you are thinking…

You want to know how to plan a successful product launch.

So I asked 5 people who have been involved in successful product launches…

“What immediate next actions should someone take to gain momentum with their product launch?”

Their answers may surprise you!

Without further ado, let’s meet the product launch panel:

Miriam Castilla

International Best Selling Book in 4 Months

Miriam Castilla is the Adelaide based International Best Selling author of Today’s Woman.

“I think the answer is a little bit what my book teaches people which is number 1 start with ‘why’. Why I’m a huge fan of Simon Sinek so you’re probably familiar with his TED talk on Start With Why but I’ve sort of used to hybrid version of the in what I teach though. If you don’t know why you’re doing it in the first place don’t even bother. SO you need to get really clear on why do you want to write a book what’s it going to do for you? Is it going to help your business? Is it going to allow you to grow your existing business, tap into new markets, get really, really clear on why you want to write that book.

Number 2 – Get your head space right because it does take you by surprise as to how many self- limiting beliefs you’re going to bump into on the journey so make sure you really believe in what you do and you’re passionate about it and you know your stuff and you’ve got that complete and utter self-belief and then really decide at what level you want to do it. So do you want to do just a small cheap print run and just use it as a bit of a value add you know maybe as a free giveaway to your customers or something like that? Do you want to go larger scale? Do you want to go global with it? And I think the bigger scale you want to go to the more important it’s gonna be to go down a more traditional, having a publishing control it making sure it is s top quality product. So the level that you want to get to will determine the route of the book publishing that you’ll chose.”

Joseph Chehade & Bartosz Kowalski

$300,000 In Capital On Kickstarter In 45 Days

Joseph Chehade & Bartosz Kowalski are the Adelaide based Founders of Uamp. Uamp, or you amplify, is a link between your music player and your headphones.

“The 1st step is to create something that people want and one of the easiest ways to do that is that something that you want? I guess that is the 1st starting point it is easier to create a product that you yourself want and that’s the mistake that we made with our 1st product Umidi is we said “people who want this, people will want that” but we never built a controlled for ourselves to DJ with, so that should have been the first red flag for us.  Once you have got that do something as quickly as you can that addresses that problem and then creating a video and getting it out on Kickstarter because there I no real cost to you and make if you succeed you can deliver and I guess that’s all there is just deal with the product and prototype because you can adjust the problem and then create a video and have a Kickstarter page.”

David Truong

1,000,000+ App Downloads And 10,000,000+ Plays In 2.5 Years

Bio David Truong is the Founder and CEO of educational games company (Previously Broccol-e-games and Bitzerland.)

“The first thing would be to write down a few problems that they are already passionate about.  And that could be on producing a game it might be.  I have five minutes every morning when I’m at the bus stop and I have nothing to do.  And all the games suck and I want something to do or a certain problem with that and that they are passionate about.  So, writing that down and may be a few of those.  And then once they’ve got some of those problems and thinking about does an app or mobile device suit this sort of thing. But those are probably the first few steps.  Once I’ve got that, then they can start sketching out how it looks and how it feels and that is when you go to a developer or trying to mock it up yourself or create it yourself.”

David Bartholomeusz

$3,000,000 A Year User Community Driven Business In 12 Months

David Bartholomeusz has grown 3 bricks & mortar businesses in the hospitality industry with zero bank or investor finance.

So the first action to take I think is just flipping the script on what you are doing and going “who is doing this really, really well, and how can we be a little bit different? Not the opposite, but how can we be a little bit different?” So, I’m thinking in acne space, it could be something as simple as a different type of applicator. That to me, if someone came to me and said “I have this new acne solution that is better,” I’d be well like “that is interesting go away from me.” But if they say, “hey Dave, I’ve got this new bottle, for the same acne cream” that would probably actually interest me more because a revolutionary new acne formulation is first of all something a bit controversial to bring into the market, it is going to be something that has investment on the front end as a pharmaceutical. But a new applicator or just a new container, to me that is something that we can very quickly deliver to market and go “hey we are in phase one.” Let’s just see who naturally pulls this off the shelf? Let’s just put up a landing page and go “hey check it out.” This is the same stuff that you have been using for the last 20 years, now come in a brush instead of a tube. Let’s just pop a landing page up and see if people tap on that and give us their details. That is something we can do for $600. We don’t need to get a new patient.

Ella Macintyre

100,000 Viral Video Views In 72 hours

Ella Macintyre is the Producer of Marketing and Distribution at Epic Films and the Marketing and Head of Marketing at Mighty Kingdom, a mobile app development agency in Adelaide, Australia.

“They really need to test their idea, they need to think about it and go, does it have the qualities of a viral video? Does it have something that I think can capture an audience, my audience? From there definitely find out where your audience is, that’s the biggest thing, if you don’t already know and spend time really learning your audience learning what they like, what they dislike, when they are online, when they are not online, who the influencers are in that audience as well like that’s a really big one as well obviously blogs and things and influencers for Wastelander Panda that maybe not necessarily the case for the other ones. Actually just going back I think people sort of forget what an influencer is like they’ll just blindly tweet beyond getting to ask every tweeter like that’s not just going to happen think about it in a much more sort of realistic terms you know, somebody with 500 Twitter followers might not be you know the best, you know the most ideal candidate but they might 500 followers at least have 500 followers themselves, so sort of think much more I guess don’t shoot for the stars right away you can do it from there and create some social group again with some smaller outlets that’s something that can be taken to a wider audience and I’d say also just know that audience and have that audience view the plan before you even get the video cut and edit, like shot and cut, know what you’re going to do with it so when its done you can go right, these are people we contact, this is our story, this is the story that we’re telling and these are the people we’re telling it to.”

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