How To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

How To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

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Selfies always come across as narcissistic, especially when they are topless.

That’s not the intent of this post, so read on before you hate 🙂

Last Saturday was bitter sweet….

Bitter in that it was leg day.

If you know about “leg day” it’s 110% pain.

There is really nothing fun about it, well, except when it ends.

You’ll likely spew, your legs will burn, if you drive stick – good luck using the clutch, and for the next 3 days you won’t be able to walk properly.

But I DID say “bitter sweet.”

It was sweet in that I hit my goal of 80kgs.

Of course it’s a big deal for me.

This may not seem like a big deal to YOU…

…But it should be a big deal to YOU.

Let me explain.

For much of my life I had been around 67kg and about 11% body fat.

Classic ectomorph.

Hard gainer.

Fast metabolism, small frame etc.

Last Saturday I was 80kg on the dot at about 13% body fat.


In other words, I went from border-line under-weight to border-line over-weight on the BMI index.

But the difference comes from just over 10kg of lean muscle NOT fat.

And for visuals that’s 20 packets of mince beef from the supermarket.

So why the change?

…Let’s rewind the clock a good 25 years.

Ever since I can remember I have been lanky.

I even recall one time in grade 4: at recess I was so hungry that I got a stomach-ache so bad I could hardly stand up (bear in mind I had already eaten a big breakfast that day.)

Further, lanky is synonymous with not being very athletic.

The thing is I’ve played ice hockey for the last 13 years and wanted to be stronger, faster and have a lot more stamina, especially as I get “older.”

I knew what to do (don’t we all), but the truth was, I had been fooling around and was inconsistent.

I decided to focus on this area and give up other distractions.

So I cut the safety rope and went hard at it…

I’m now in the best shape of my life.

Fitness has also been a force-multiplier (an “Archimedes Lever” that multiplies the output of everything you do) that has translated over to several *BIG* areas of life for me – for example relationships and work.

I distinctly recall 6 individual people commenting on my progress without any prompts from me (by the way, these comments actually sound ridiculous to me given what I have written previously.)

What did I do?

I lifted big, ate big and rested big: leg press, dips, bench press, rows, chicken, veggies, rice, beans and nuts, afternoon naps, and a few Whoopers with cheese on cheat days.

I’d be lying if I said it was easy – it wasn’t easy at all.

Okay, what is the point of this post?

Good question…

I want to inspire you to focus on what you want and say not to anything that gets in the way.


So simple, yet so hard.

Seriously, statistically you have less than 85 years to live…

And you are probably 1/4+ of the way through that already.


Whatever your goal is, it’s totally possible.

Tomorrow is New Year’s day and it’s probably one of the big and easily accessible psychological re-set buttons.

Start small, but be consistent.

The latter is far more important than the former.

Will you smash it (whatever “it” is for you) out of the park this year?

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