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8 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Startup Weekend

At  2.03 AM on Monday August 1, 2011, on a train somewhere between Redfern and Kings Cross Station in Sydney, Australia, I was exhausted and delirious. I was on the way to my hotel after the Sunday night celebrations. I was caught by the Startup Weekendmovement; hook, line and sinker. Since that weekend I have been involved in eight Startup Weekends on three continents and four cities ranging from organizing, facilitating, mentoring, observing, and participating.

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The Virtuous Circle of Startup Weekend

It’s common for Startup Weekend participants to have insightful experiences, both personally and professionally during the event.  For many however, the journey ends on Sunday night, but it does not have to.  By reading two participants’ stories, I hope to inspire you to contribute to the virtuous circle which Startup Weekend enables and reap the subtle yet important rewards it offers. 

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