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“How Get Your First Sale Or Pre-Sale & Validate Your Business Idea In 20 Hours Or Less.”

Do you have a business idea and want to know if it will work?

It could be said that the best way to validate a business idea without spending (and wasting) a year of your life or $100,000 of your own money is to get the market to pay for it first, ideally as soon as possible.

I have been able to start businesses for myself and others in less than 1 hour, in some instances in under 15 minutes.

I’ll share with you what I have learned over the last several years and help you de-risk your business idea to save time, money, and labour in the process, so that you don’t turn into one of these people.

Before we begin, here are some of my other credentials related to creating startups:

  1. I brought Startup Weekend to Adelaide in 2012 (which now has completed 6 sold out events with 600+ local alumni);
  2. I am a Startup Weekend global facilitator (I’ve been involved in 10+ hackathons events globally);
  3. I am a co-founder and current director of not-for-profit Startup Adelaide Inc – a not-for-profit organisation that exists to foster and support the Adelaide tech startup sector;
  4. I am a co-founder and administration of the Startup Adelaide forum which has 700 members;
  5. I am the co-founder of Business Higher Education Round Table award winning program Venture Dorm (100+ alumni with total company valuations of $5.5M) which merged with Mobile Enterprise Growth Alliance to be Australia’s largest community pre-accelerator program;
  6. I am the former Director of Marketing for Mobile Enterprise Growth Alliance;
  7. I am the former Marketing Manager of New Venture Institute at Finders University;
  8. I am the Australia Day Citizen of the Year for Unley (2015)for my contribution to building the Adelaide startup ecosystem;
  9. I was recognised in Startup Daily’s “Top 50 Australian Startup Influencers” in Australia and “Mentors you should know in the startup space, Adelaide Edition”;
  10. I won an honorable mention in Australian Anthills 30 under 30 award  for my contribution to building the Adelaide startup ecosystem;
  11. I am and independent member of the Business and Economic Development Committee for Unley Council.
  12. I was on the judging panel for The Australian Centre for Social Innovation’s Aging Challenge in 2015; and
  13. I am a workshop facilitator for Flinders Universities Business School in Enterprise and innovation.

I’ve directly helped 400+ startups (of those which have raised capital, their current combined company valuations are $5.5M) get their products, services or solutions out to market through various award winning training programs.

Not only that, over the last four years I have successfully released over a dozen new products, services or solutions for myself and on behalf of others; including franchises of international brands (which have become dominant players in their industry).

Many of these have been done with $0 marketing spend and in some cases, no product, service or solution at the time of launch.

I can see how this sounds preposterous.

But it can be done with the right process…

Startups usually go through 3 stages when they begin:

  1. Problem/solution fit – this is defined by finding if a market exists and if you can create a solution;
  2. Product/market fit – this is defined by finding if your solution is desirable to the market proven by making a sale; and
  3. Scaling – this is defined by creating a business around stage 1 and 2 above.

This workshop will focus on the first 2 stages

>>>Some of the things you will learn in this workshop include:

  • Why anyone, no matter what their situation is — budget, knowledge, experience — can validate their business idea and make sales or pre-sales (day 1);
  • Why starting a business is important for you (day 1);
  • Why validating a business idea is important to startup success (day 1);
  • What are the most important economic and business theory’s to concentrate on are (day 1);
  • What the mistakes most people make that result in their business idea failing are… and what you should do instead (day 1);
  • How to take stock of your skills, knowledge, interests and experiences to start a business in the least amount of time (day 1);
  • How to find customer segments and align your skills, knowledge, interests and experiences with what the market wants and needs (day 1);
  • How to build a contact list to use for market research and later sales and pre-sales (day 2);
  • How to create effective market research questions (day 2);
  • How to plan effective market research questions (day 2);
  • How to reach out to your contact list so they respond and want to be involved in your research (day 2);
  • How to undertake market research so you know exactly what the market wants and needs (day 2);
  • How to validate your qualitative market research, qualitatively (day 2);
  • How to design a product, service or solution value proposition that solves your markets wants and needs exactly (day 2);
  • How to create an irresistible product, service or solution offer including revenue model, price point, costs and margin (day 3);
  • How to compose compelling sales scripts that help customers buy your product, service or solution (day 3);
  • How to translate those sales scripts into multiple formats depending on what best suits you and the market (day 3);
  • How to communicate and sell or pre-sell your product, service or solution even if you don’t have it created yet (day 3);
  • How to overcome any buying objections your market may have (day 3);
  • How to take payments for sales and pre-sales easily (day 3);
  • How to leverage your business validation activity later on in your product, service or solution creation, branding, marketing sales and launch (day 3);
  • How to take immediate action so that you can implement the workshop learnings (day 3);
  • And much, much more…

>>>So here it is:

“How Get Your First Sale Or Pre-Sale & Validate Your Business Idea.”

A workshop about all of the above topics, conducted over 3 full working days.

>>>You will get:

  1. Seven lecture modules, so that you can learn the correct theory
  2. Seven exercises module, so you can implement what you have learned as you go;
  3. The ability to ask questions about the lecture modules and workshop worksheets;
  4. Your questions answered. so that you are clear on all the training presented;
  5. Personal accountability to keep you on track with deliverables and deadlines;
  6. Workshop worksheets to help you make your first sales or pre-sale!

NOTE: This is both a theoretical and practical workshop:

  1. I will deliver the theory content;
  2. You, with my help, will then implement the theory in the real-world during the workshop (such as talking to customers and trying to sell your product); and
  3. I will keep you accountable to progress and results and answer all your questions as we go.

>>>What others are saying:

“Orren has a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. I wasn’t hesitant about attending the workshop and ultimately I decided to attend to get help with the mission. One of the biggest benefits since attending this workshop has been learning about innovative ideas. I think Orren should run the next ‘innovation champion’” Ryan Cowled

“Always enjoy learning new and or better ways to do things and embrace the experience. I instigated that as a group we really needed some additional help to accelerate the group and Ben and Ashleigh suggested to bring you in because you’re a gun! Definitely helped to bring the team together and gave us some key points to focus on. Anyone looking to put a framework behind a problem without any clear outcome in mind. In essence, bring together and ascertain whether an opportunity is viable in a short period of time. In essence, it’s a rapid feasibility to bring together a problem and ascertain if and what the problem really is, while also ascertaining whether the opportunity is viable and how big the opportunity is and all in a short period of time.” Ben Michael

“Thanks again for your time and expertise!”

“It was really nice working with you. Thanks again.”

The average Net Promoter Score, that is the clients overall satisfaction with and loyalty to the workshop is 9.33/10.

Let me repeat: 9.33/10.

I get results.

For corporate this workshop is well-and-truly, worth the price of engaging me.

>>>This workshop is NOT for your business if:

  • You already have a new product idea.

>>>This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to solve a new market need or problem; or
  • You have no idea where to begin with a new product idea; or
  • You have tried and failed at starting a business new product and not sure what else to do; or
  • You want to maximize your new product success.

If any of these describe you and you want to start a business, you’ll definitely want to be a part of this workshop.

Ready to join?