Gaining Customer Loyalty How To Request & Reward Compliance

Gaining Customer Loyalty: How To Request & Reward Compliance

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Once you have answered objections, you then have the ability to Gain Loyalty.

Cults and orther organizations build loyalty the in similar ways.

None of these groups do any outreach or advertising.

They build a brand that people want to be involved in.

They don’t convince or change people mind, but rather offer something that some people are already looking for.

Recruits come to them, just like a vampire has to be invited in.

Once that opt-in, request or “application” occurs, loyalty is gained by investing by complying with requests and being rewarded for that.

In other words a:

  1. Request;
  2. Compliance; and
  3. Reward.

This is important because it allows you to build loyalty to your brand and thus sell more.

Truth be told, that the Rapport Pyramid gains loyalty at each level.

The following diagram shows that with each level the is a request:

Gaining Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is showing a strong allegiance to a brand.

It inoculates against losing that customer to competition.

And how do you do that?

The board Gaining Customer Loyalty looks like this:

  1. Branding;
  2. Opt-in;
  3. Reward;
  4. Request;
  5. Compliance;
  6. Reward; and
  7. Repeat 4-6 indefinitely.

And practically it may look like this:

  1. Hang Around;
  2. Prospect;
  3. Probation; and
  4. Member.

Hang Around

A Hang Around is simply that someone who hangs around the club members.

They get to taste some of what it is like to be a Member.

This is a continuation of the clubs branding that attracted them in the first place.


A Prospect is a Hang Around that has been identified as a potential Member.

Based on the taste some of what it is like to be a Member, a Hang Around has Opted-in by showing their desire to be a Member.

Club Members don’t invite the Hang Around to join, the Hang Around needs to opt-in to the club by applying.

The application is purely psychological.

They can only take what has been given to them.


After the Hang Around has applied, the club rewards them by making them a Probationary.

But the Probationary is as it is defined, provisional on a request.

The club makes requests of them.

This is to build investment (perhaps via illegal activity or getting secrets) but also screen them for values.

This process of request and reward is repeated.

And if the Probation has sufficiently invested and match for values they are rewarded as a Member, but their Chaperone and agreement of other members.


The Chaperone is accountable for them for the life of their club membership.

How you can use this to build loyalty?

Embody a brand that apples to specific people looking for that.

That branding attracts and qualifies the correct people.

Introduce those people to your group and ask them to get involved in that community.

This does two things, allows them to get a further taste of the brand’s culture.

But also for that person to find a potential mentor and for members to meet them.

They need should apply to become a trainee.

The trainee process should be 3 months long.

They will have certain tasks to do and they must align with the brands values.

Upon completion of the 3 months, the tasks and alignment with the brands values, they need to be certified by the mentor and 3 members.

They then become a member and are inducted to the organization.

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